Message from the Dean

October 2nd, 2017

Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

Dear students,

You are welcome to the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences at Epoka University,

The new faculty at Epoka University has been recently accredited. That’s why I am honored and privileged to be the first dean of this faculty. The accreditation of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences is a great academic achievement for Epoka University and a new chance offered for the students coming from Albania, Balkans, Europe and from all over the world to study law, political science, international relations and European studies.

What makes distinguished and unique the new Faculty of Law and Social Sciences at Epoka University? First, regarding the law studies it is the first five years integrated programs accredited in Albania. It means that students of law in this continuing five years integrated program will take 300 credits (ects) at the end of studies receiving diplomas of master of sciences. Second, this five years integrated law program will be developed bilingually in English and Albanian languages. So students of law will benefit from specialized, modern, updated and interdisciplinary curricula as well as will develop very high professional international English and national Albanian language which promotes student employability in Albania and abroad. Third the system of internship organized by Epoka University makes available a wide range of work experience opportunities which supports the development of student’s employability. Fourth, regarding the Political Science and International Relations there are ongoing accredited very successful programs in bachelor and advanced programs in professional master, master of sciences and PhD studies.

There are three academic and administrative units dealing of these above-mentioned programs within the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences at Epoka University: Law Department, Political Science and International Relations Department and Center for European Studies. These departments are fully competent and responsible for academic and administrative duties and for taking care on students during all levels of their studies on bachelor, master and PhD, including teaching, research, internship, exchange, practices and social activities.   

The main objectives of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences at Epoka University intend our students to be highly educated by solid basic and advanced knowledge, having new experiences, developing their creativity, improving innovation and increasing job-creation capacity. These objectives can be successfully achieved based on modern and updated curricula, high qualified and experienced academic international and local staff, inter-active methodology, rich library in English and Albanian languages, excellent laboratories, attractive and smart infrastructure and beautiful university campus surrounded from green, nice and clean landscape.

Welcome to the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences at Epoka University.

Your success is guaranteed and the failure is not an option.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lisen BASHKURTI

Dean of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences